Upskill your team to be POPI Act compliant

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The Protection Of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 (POPI Act) was signed into law in 2013 and it is well on its way to coming into full force. The POPI Act has wide-ranging implications for organisations of all types that process personal information, including creating and maintaining awareness of the requirements of the Act. The Act includes penalties for non-compliance, such as prison terms of up to 10 years and/or fines of up to R10-million. Further to this, the Act allows individuals to institute civil claims so there is the possibility of further financial loss on top of any fine that may be imposed. These penalties, as well as overall respect for the law, and the need to protect their reputation from adverse publicity, will drive organisations to find flexible, cost-effective ways to train all their people – directors, management, employees – in how to comply with the POPI Act. Ignorance is no excuse! Organisations and people who deal with personal information need to act quickly and become compliant as soon as possible to avoid these repercussions.

With these aspects in mind Media Works, a leading adult education and training company, in collaboration with IACT-Africa, is now offering POPI training – POPIWorks: Privacy in Action – through the iTut online learning platform. This online campus allows people to access the material anywhere, any time on PCs, cell-phones and tablets in a collaborative, secure environment. The course material is developed in HTML5 and is SCORM compliant – it can be installed in-house on a SCORM compliant Lerner Management System. The material includes best practice and practical examples, all of which is presented in an interesting, engaging, easy to comprehend manner. The course is made up of five modules, each of which contribute to a clear understanding of why the POPI Act is important and what must be done by organisations and individuals to make sure they are complying with the Act.

The modules include:

  • Introduction to the POPI Act
  • What is POPI all about?
  • Background to POPI
  • POPI and Legislation
  • What can I do? (in relation to the implementation of the Act)

Once the learner has completed the five modules (which takes approximately one hour), they can complete the online Summative Assessment. A compulsory pass rate of 80% is required and once the learner has achieved this, the process produces a uniquely numbered certificate of successful completion. This certification is endorsed by Benchmark Assessment Agency, an independent assessment body. An added benefit is that the programme offers a Mozilla Open Badge ( to each successful candidate.

The POPI Act is clear in that all employees must be made aware of the provisions of the Act as far as it impacts on how they process personal information. All management and supervisory employees need to receive awareness training. Media Works designed the POPI Act training course so that you can not only create initial awareness, but importantly, as required in the Act, maintain and then assess awareness on an ongoing basis. By completing ongoing annual assessments, both staff and employer are fulfilling their legal obligations.

For more information, please visit or call 011 209 0900.

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